Welcome to Mayfield Bell

At Mayfield Bell our job is to help you deal with some of life's ups and downs.


We are there to listen and advise you when a relationship breaks down, to help you to make your will, to support you in dealing with the affairs of someone who has died, and to offer guidance on the options for dealing with mental incapacity, now or in the future.

We know that when someone contacts us it is likely to be at a key moment in their life. Our aim is to help you make the right choices for you and for those around you. 

We also want to make the process as simple as we can.  That's why Mayfield Bell offers things that you don't often expect from a law firm.

For one thing, we will come to visit you - at your home, your place of work or wherever else suits you best. 

What's more, our initial visit is completely without obligation. We will discuss your circumstances, outline some possible options and explain what steps are involved. However, whether you choose to go ahead is entirely up to you.

That's not all. Our fees are designed to be clear and affordable.  We can usually offer fixed fees.