Fees made simple

In most cases we charge a fixed fee for our work. This means that you know in advance exactly how much you will be asked to pay.

Divorce and Separation

For most things (for example, preparing a divorce petition) we offer a fixed fee. In some more complex cases we will offer a fixed fee for each stage of work that we carry out for you.


For preparing a will we use a scale of fixed fees that reflects the total value of your assets. We think this is the fairest and simplest way of charging because it corresponds most closely with the degree of complexity involved in dealing with things like inheritance tax planning.

Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection

We charge a fixed fee for preparing a lasting power of attorney and an additional fee for making an application to register it. Likewise, we charge a fixed fee for making an application to the Court of Protection.


In the case of probate work, our fees depend on what you want us to do. For our full probate and estate administration service, our fees are based on a percentage of the estate.  For our limited probate service, we charge a fixed fee for the work that you want us to do.  For occasional advice and assistance, we use an hourly rate so that the fees reflect the time we spend.

Other Costs

VAT is applicable to all of our fees. In addition, in some cases you will need to pay for other services, such as court or registration fees or the cost of medical experts. We will always try to make you aware of such costs before they arise and work with you to try to keep them to a minimum.


If you would like to discuss fees or ask for a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.