Separation and divorce

If you have decided to separate or divorce you are likely to have gone through a process of exploring other options. You may feel emotionally exhausted yet you now have to cope with important issues about how your children will be cared for, what will happen to your family home and what kind of financial security you should expect.


Separation or divorce means taking a new path that is unfamiliar. We at Mayfield Bell can help you through some of the most difficult parts of the journey. We will try to help you find ways of communicating with your former partner that reduce conflict as far as possible. We can help you come to decisions that put your children first and establish the basis for good relationships later on.


There are different ways of dealing with separation and divorce. Only in exceptional cases is it necessary for the parties to attend court. Usually most issues can be settled by informal negotiation between the parties and their lawyers. Sometimes it is helpful to use mediation or other processes for finding a solution. We can help you decide which is right for you.


Legal advice may be only one kind of support that you need. We can point you to other services that may also be of help,