When someone dies

Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy - even if it was not unexpected.   Having to deal with their affairs - their estate - can be an added burden.


When you are ready to start talking about what steps you need to take, we are there to listen and to help.


You can choose just what you would like us to do.  We offer a full probate service, in which we deal with the administration of the estate for you; alternatively, we can provide a limited probate service, in which we apply for the grant of probate while you deal with the estate yourself; and finally, if you feel able to do most of the work yourself, we can provide advice and assistance as and when you need it.


Sometimes, family members disagree about the estate of someone who has died. For example, there might be questions over the validity of a will, or the way it distributes the estate. We can help you navigate your way through these difficult issues.